Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

The North Wind & Lines

Neben den besten Backcountry-Fotografen zeigen auch zwei Künstler in dieser Ausgabe von BACKLINE ihre ganz eigene Perspektive als Maler von den faszinierenden Momenten der winterlichen Natur. Danke Ricardo Montoro und Nico Vaudroz für diese tollen Gemälde.

In addition to some of the best backcountry photographers, this issue of BACKLINE also presents two artists and their very own painter's view of fascinating moments in wintery nature. Thanks to Ricardo Montoro and Nico Vaudroz for such amazing paintings.

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The North Wind - Ricardo Montoro
Ever since my childhood the north wind has accompanied me, and whenever I looked over the rooftops of my quiet neighborhood, with the deep blue skies sending over the cooling breeze, it made me dream of the mountains, the ones I see on the horizon.
Even at the sea, the north wind, strong and ferocious, made me the gift of the most beautiful images of sunsets, letting me breathe softly in the midst of the burden of the Mediterranean.
Then again at times in the mountains, the north wind made me doubt.
Not knowing how to weather its blows, not able to control its enormous power.
Until an old friend – with a cigar between his teeth and the face frozen after a hard day’s work – taught me to respect it. When it’s not there, I miss it; when it’s a soft breeze, I shout at it; and when the north wind storms in at me, I challenge it. And I challenge it today.
The north wind has inspired some of my paintings, it has inspired my travels, and it has cleared some of my doubts, like a storm blows away rain and snow.
The north wind makes me run when I go home, it makes me close the door and sit by the fire.
The north wind takes me out of myself when the shutters bang hard against the window in cold nights, but it caresses my face when my doubts trouble me.

The north wind catches me hopelessly with its strength, but it keeps me balanced between dreams and expectations. The north wind fascinates me, as it cleanses everything, its clarity
being no illusion. The north wind is my friend, my ally, but it is also my desire ...

LINES - Nico Vaudroz
Nature`s designs, ever flowing movements, life`s constructions. In the infinity big and infinite small they meet, to recreate the eight, and the circle is whole again.
Spiritual material, up and down, left and right, riding the backlines and the frontlines. 

Each one so personal, each one so different.
There in the field, where there is space to create, here the untouched offers itself to new paths, new senses, exploring dimensions, daring the first track in the immaculate.
Enjoy the ride

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