Avalanche Engineers

AVALANCHE ENGINEERS is the story of two scientists who delve deep into the mysteries of the snowpack to find out how a snowflake becomes an avalanche. Filmed in Bozeman, Montana, this mini-doc takes you on a journey from the micro intricacies of snowflake structure to the massive mountainsides where this force of nature reigns


Hochwertiger Druck / High End Print
140 Seiten / 140 pages
14 Geschichten / 14 Stories

1) The Other California – USA by Christian Pondella 
2) In the Middle of Nowhere – USA by Christian Pondella 
3) Georgia on my Mind – Georgia by Thomas Marzusch 
4) Tour of the Gods – USA by Jason Hummel
5) Dreamcatcher – Canada by Mattias Fredriksson 
6) Endless Backcountry – Norway by Mattias Fredriksson
7) Black Mines, Blue Glaciers, White Mountains – Svalbard by Fredrik Schenholm
8) On the Trail of Science – Switzerland by Ben Tibbetts
9) Whiteout – Switzerland by Baschi Bender
10) Only as old as you Feel – Italy by Damiano Levati
11) The Windy Empire – Argentina by Javier Procaccini
12) The Unknown Back of my Hand – Germany by Anton Brey
13) The Good Old Days Story – Austria by Martin Fiala
14) Now or Never – Austria by Andreas Vigl

Skiers 2018: Jim Morrison | Hilaree Nelson I Chris Davenport | Jim Morrison | Michelle Parker I Sandra Lahnsteiner | Caja Schöpf I Jake Chartier | Carl Simpson I Mark Abma | Forrest Coots | Brian Hall | Silvia Moser I Stan Ray | Christopher Rubens I Micke af Ekenstam | Johan Jonsson I David Kantermo | Chad Sayers I Christian Edelstam | Johan Engebratt | Kersti Lord I Valentine Fabre I Marin Uhl | Roman Uhl | Olav Schmid I Arnaud Cottet | Aaron Durogati I Eric Girardini | Piero de Lazzer I Thibaud Duchosal | Johannes Hoffmann I Lucas Swieykowski I Max Kroneck I Tobi Heinle, Hannes Namberger I Nadine Wallner | Stefan Häusl

Ein tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk / Great X-Mas Present

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